Monday, July 25, 2011


“That’s just your karma…” – we may often hear this ironic phrase, but many times it’s used without proper understanding. Recently, when my dad used this saying, I assumed he had said this after talking to me but this was not the case :) In fact it’s a very common saying.  We hear it on the radio, TV, read it in books and interviews with famous people. It is quite appropriate to say that something has happened due to “just karma”, but do we really know what we are talking about?
What is this KARMA? Does karma affect our life and if so, what is the cause of it? Can we blame it for the course of events, for diseases, for those terrible things that happen more and more? Although we use this phrase very loosely, we should really understand what karma is about, because it is a very important matter as it has such a great impact on our life.
Karma is not a mean person who laughs every time we do something wrong or when things don’t go the way we’d like them to go. It is us who create our karma. Every day, personally, we make up our destiny– one that is close and one which is far away – after the death of this body. So when someone is born, they come into the pre-defined conditions which they deserve.
Karma means action. Every action we perform brings a certain reaction: “as you sow, so shall you reap”. This means that if you cheat, steal, betray – sooner or later you yourself will be cheated, betrayed and robbed.
People like to blame some circumstances, other people, God… I often read the comments relating to stories about a tragic event. Many times there are comments of so called atheists who sneer, mock, or simply ask rhetorically: “Where was God, why did He let such things happen?! Where is this merciful, just, loving, over all GOD?”
Oh, it is not so simple! God exists and it is He who created this perfectly functioning law of karma, which refers to each and every one of us. He’s not responsible for our past actions, or the actions which are performed now by egoistic, self-centered people. He’s not responsible either for the regular or mundane lives of people, or for those who climb the ladder of career, fame and wealth.
The law of karma applies to every living being. It is very fair. It watches our every action, every move – ones that are good and ones that are the most abominable, so that we get back what we deserve. Nothing will be unnoticed, except…
Are you curious?...

The age in which we now live is called Kali yuga. What hides beneath these harsh words? Exactly this: harshness. There are two reasons why this age is so hard and harsh: firstly it is because iron is the most predominant metal present in nature, and secondly: our hearts are hard and cold like iron. There is very little mercy, compassion or love in Kali Yuga, which is proven by the following story…
For many years our family has spent a lot of time traveling. Today we are here, tomorrow there, all this makes it so that we feel at home everywhere. Recently, we’ve spent two weeks at our friend’s in Romania.
When we arrived at his house, it was 2 am, dark outside – although many heaps of snow gave off some light. I looked at the thermometer – minus 10, brrr….
We had to start unloading our most essential luggage. The rest we decided to take in the next morning. The first sleepyhead who decided to go out from the warm car was Satya. She went to throw out the trash which accumulated from the long journey. When Satya came back, she was completely awake. She shouted: “Mom, someone threw out little puppies to the trash!!! They are crying because it’s so cold… What should we do?!” What should we do – a good question! What can you do with little squeaking puppies in the middle of the night, in a foreign country?
I ran to the trash can with Satya and after a moment we held four stinky, one-week old baby dogs, which shook from the excessive cold. I simply couldn’t believe it. Someone threw out these little dogs to get rid of them! As if they were an unwanted item. A broken thing, some junk. They are alive! They are not a broken pot or a holey shoe. They are alive and want to live very much – they are squeaking, shaking and are very hungry. How could someone simply dispose of them in a container for trash and peacefully go to bed without any thought…?
It can only be the influence of Kali yuga. Does anyone still doubt the words which are written above?! Kali yuga really exists, it prevails in our hearts, our minds and lives.
Its presence all around leaves an impact on our every step, because there are many such stories nowadays. Many people may just shrug their arms: “What can you do with such dogs? I can’t afford keeping so many animals in my house.
Ok, nobody forces anyone to make a zoo in their home. There are already organizations which take care of such matters. We only need to make a small effort and have a bit of good will and compassion… Actually there is a simple solution to counteract this cold and irony influence…